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AHI Facility Services, Inc. is committed to quality service
We at AHI feel that "Quality" is the level of performance that you expect from your contracted Facility Services Company.

In almost all cases, we provide custodial quotations to a customer not for pricing, but for service issues. The customer had hired their previous janitorial company and the service level for the first several months was always generally good. The service then gradually falls off from there. This in general, is universal in our findings. We understand that contracts are lost and service companies are replaced, because of the actions that take place during the interim term of the contract.

Well, what you are paying for, and what we do at AHI, is to promise to provide "CONSISTENCY". We strive to maintain a consistently good performance level at all times.

We believe this can be accomplished if our cleaning technicians are fully trained in accordance with the specifications designed especially for your facilities. We must then complete on-going follow up inspections of their work, and let the custodians know exactly what is required of them.

Our inspections ensure that we are now able to recognize the areas that need attention, and provide immediate and proper custodial care to those areas.

We have developed a quality control system that allows us to always know what is being done and how it is being done. AHI also values having our customers perform inspections so that we can compare our expectations.

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