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AHI understands there are many unique challenges in maintaining your worship facility. Our focus is providing you with comprehensive services and tools so your focus can be what’s most important in a worship facility, your ministry.

What cleaning services are provided?
Our service includes complete sanitization of all aspects of your worship facility. From the restrooms to the nursery, our proven cleaning methods ensure a comfortable environment for your congregation and visitors alike. Your members can take comfort in knowing that the children’s nursery will be in top shape every time they drop off their child. Our attention to detail reduces the spread of germs and provides a safe and comfortable worship experience for all.

How can AHI reduce your facility services cost?
AHI can dramatically reduce the cost associated with hiring and training in-house cleaning staff. Turnover and personnel administration can be costly to your facility and congregation. Our professionally trained staff delivers efficient and consistent performance which results in cost savings to your facility maintenance budget.

What are the key benefits of worship facility services?
Your choice for cleaning and facility services has an immediate and direct impact on both the appearance and function of your worship facility. Maintaining a trusted relationship with your staff and congregation is key. We here at AHI understand this and that is why AHI would like to serve you as Your Trusted Advisor.

How can AHI help with special services?
Many worship facilities regularly host events outside of their normal schedules. AHI is always available to provide service for weddings, evening services, concerts or any other special events your facility might host. Our team can assist in setting up, post event cleaning and locking up at the event's conclusion.

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