Medical and Healthcare Solutions

Experience the Benefits of a Health-Based Cleaning System

AHI Facility Services Inc. provides quality cleaning methods that are required and expected in all medical environments. Our special attention to your needs will reduce the spread of germs, viruses, and cross contamination. Mainitaning a clean and healthy environment will reduce illness, improve the overall learning experience, and enhance your schools impression on visitors.

Medical and Healthcare Facility Services from AHI

Acknowledging HIPPA law
AHI acknowledges and agrees to all regulations of HIPPA laws to maintain confidentiality, privacy, and security of all patient information
Room Disenfecting
AHI sanitizes all exam rooms, labs, medical room tables, counters, and sinks.
Reception and Entryway Cleaning
AHI cleans the glass windows, doors and panels for your entryways and reception centers. Chairs and tables are dusted, and entryway rugs are cleaned. Nurse and Doctor stations are disenfected. Daily disinfecting is performed to prevent and reduce pathogens.
Restroom Disenfecting
AHI stops disease in its tracks with complete cleaning and sanitization of all restrooms. Services include commode and urinal cleaning, paper and soap dispensers cleaned, mirrors washed. Floors, sinks, counters, walls are also sanitized.
Pharmacy Cleaning
Keep your perscriptions clean and safe with AHI Pharmacy Cleaning Services.
Air Test Quality Cleaning
AHI performs Air Tests to eliminate airborne pathogens.
3D Cleaning
AHI offers 3D Cleaning services.
Carpet & Floor Care Services
Get the best carpet and floor cleaning and sanitation from AHI

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